Darrell Sarracino

The Zuni Pueblo is the largest pueblo in New Mexico, offering a broad range of talented artists working in many different media. One such artist is Darrell Sarracino, an accomplished beader.  Darrell learned to bead at his grandmother and mother’s knee.  Darrell’s grandmother, Lolita Telise beaded dolls, cowheads, and pin cushions, while his mother,  Anna  Sarracino created  beaded  horses, and horses with riders.  At 27 years old, Darrell has taken the fine art of the peyote stitch to another level, exotic  animals. He took 3rd place in his first Indian Market show in 2007, with a beaded lion.  Each bead is stitched one at a time with a peyote stitch  (over and under each bead.)  Keep your eyes on this young Native American artist , as he will continue to express his talents for years to come.

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